Places to stay

Visitors to the area are spoilt for choice of places to stay in the future Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve. The region’s capital Bahir Dar will be the first port of call for many travellers.

Below you find a short selection of Hotels and Guesthouses. For a full list of Hotels and Contact Details, please click here.

Bahir Dar
The Kuriftu Resort and Spa offers guests a luxurious stay in well furnished rooms and with excellent service. Tel. 0920-959797,

The Avanti Blue Nile Resort has good views of the lake and is within easy walking distance of the city centre. Tel. 0582-264094,

The Tana Hotel is located in a prime spot directly on the shores of Lake Tana and offers beautiful views from its terrace. Tel. 0582-200554

B&B The Annex is a small bed & breakfast with 3 comfortable rooms, great breakfast and friendly staff.

Tim & Kim Village offers six small solar-powered thatched cottages and a very warm welcome. Camping is possible in the grounds. Tel. 0920-336671,

The Gorgora Port Hotel has beautiful gardens on the shores of the lake that allow some great bird watching. Tel. 0583-467000

Zege Peninsula
Abay Hotel offers basic accommodation with shared facilities and good food and drink.
Yebiste Erko Hotel is a family-run lodge with basic facilities.


Further information on places to stay:
For a more detailed selection and current prices, we recommend consulting the following guide books:

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