Tourism Information:

Your Green Guide to Zege Peninsula (Map and Tourist Information for the peninsula and its century-old churches)

MAP_Ecotourism (Map of Lake Tana incl. all ecotourism activities so far)

MAP_City of Bahir Dar (Map of Bahir Dar City – the entry point to the Biosphere Reserve and its natural and cultural wonders)

Poster_Ecotourism (Poster about ecotourism potential of the region)

Poster_Nature and Culture (Poster about natural and cultural heritage of the Lake Tana region)

MAP_Hotspots of Biodiversity (Map of Lake Tana and the hotspots of Biodiversity (e.g. Hippo, Birding, etc.)


Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve (LTBR) Manuals

LTBR Day Manual_English_pilotphase (Reference Manual for schools – English)

LTBR Day Manual_Amharic_pilotphase (Reference Manual for schools – Amharic)

Manual TOT for DAs draft_final (Reference Manual for DA – Green your Garden Campaign)

Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve (LTBR) Background Information

Zonation and its implications in LTBR (Do’s and Don’ts in Biosphere Reserves)

Frequently Asked Questions (Biosphere Reserve Information, adressing the population’s important questions and fears)

Poster_LTBR (Poster with information on Biosphere Reserves and Lake Tana)

Lake Tana Feasability Study (Basis for the establishment of the Biosphere Reserve)


Activities for a Sustainable Future

LTBR_Ecotourism Concept (prepared by Jessie McComb & Mekonnen G/Egziabher for NABU)

Conservation Agriculture_Assessment (prepared by Melesse Temesgen (PhD) and Birhanu Biazin (PhD) for NABU)

Wetlands – Ecological Evaluation (prepared by Prof. em. Dr. Michael Succow & Dipl.-Laök Fanny Mundt for NABU)

LTBR Regional Product Brand – Strategy (prepared by Mulugeta Worku and Tilahun Gebey for NABU)


NABU Project

NABU Lake Tana Project flyer 2013

Poster_NABU Project


Videos about Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve