A paradise for birds and bird-lovers alike

Lake Tana and its wetlands provide an invaluable habitat for the truly spectacular and unique birdlife that flourishes around the lake. Located in the Horn of Africa, it is a key location for birds migrating between Europe, Asia and Africa. More than 300 bird species have been recorded around Lake Tana, many of which are a must-see for an intrepid bird enthusiast.

Flocks of Great White Pelicans gliding across the lake’s surface are a sight visitors cannot fail to enjoy. These birds live here in abundance thriving on the fish stocks of the lake, and are real show-pieces for the lake’s peaceful and serene character.

Rare and endangered bird species such as the stately Black-crowned Crane and the elegant Wattled Crane live in the agricultural landscape and wetlands around the lake. Both bird species stand over one metre tall and their beautiful courtship dances are a sight to behold.

Watching the vividly-coloured Half-collared Kingfisher as it gracefully skims the lake’s surface is yet another delight for bird-lovers. African Fish Eagles perch in tall trees overlooking the lake, their keen eyes ready to swoop and grab their next meal with their talons.

Another hidden gem for any bird-enthusiast is a sighting of the elusive Yellow-fronted Parrot. The Zege Peninsula is one of the best places to spot this green parrot with its starkly contrasting yellow head. If you look up into the canopy of the sacred church forests you may be able to catch a glimpse of this beautiful bird, which is endemic to the Ethiopian Highlands.

The inconspicuous and some may say, rather drab-looking White-throated Seedeater is a small bird that is on the list of many a twitcher. It is an endemic species found only in the north of Ethiopia and Eritrea and can be spotted in small groups in the area.