Places to eat

Let your taste buds awaken at Lake Tana! There are lots of places to sample and taste the delicious cuisine on offer, and there is a wide variety available. Try the marvellous spice combinations in the traditional dishes of the region, or relax with an old friend, a fine Italian pizza! There are cafés and restaurants on every corner; you can savour the taste sensations again and again.

A few of the restaurants in Bahir Dar are listed here, but there are many more for you to discover for yourself:

The Lake Shore Restaurant is located in the centre of Bahir Dar with a scenic spot on the shores of the lake. Desset Lodge is a nice restaurant to enjoy a tasty meal and soak up the views of the lake shoreline. Wude Coffee offers good quality food in a well furnished café. The Amanuel Restaurant has excellent fish dishes. The Pelican Wine House offers fine homemade fruit wine and fast food. The Efoy Cafe and Restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff.

Misrak restaurant and Ours Café provide traditional food and coffee services and are a favourite of locals.

Checheho, Amsal Mitike and Jalobel are traditional restaurants which show a variety of regional dances at night – and sell beer and local tej (honey wine).