Places to stay

Visitors to the area are spoilt for choice of places to stay in the future Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve.
Bahir Dar
The region’s capital Bahir Dar will be the first port of call for many travellers. Here is a list of hotels and guesthouses in the city:

,Hotels in Bahir Dar,Website,Telephone
1,Kuriftu Resort and Spa,,+251(0)582264868
2,Avanti Blue Nile Hotel,, +251(0)582222206
3,Bahir Dar Hotel No 2,,+251(0)582206565
4,Abay Minch Lodge,,+251(0)582181039
5,Alwaq Hotel,,+251(0)582262263
6, Blue Nile Hotel,,+251(0)582202028
7, Kitsel Hotel,,+251(0)582266300
8,Dib Anbessa Hotel,,+251(0)582201436
9,Ethio Star Hotel,,+251(0)582202026
10,Gasa Hotel,,+251(0)918340820
11,Menon Hotel, ,+251(0)582202800
12,Homeland Hotel,,+251(0)582204545
13,Papyrus Hotel,,+251(0)582205100
14,Summerland Hotel,,+251(0)582200989
15,Addis Amba Hotel,,+251(0)582205353
16,Ethioland Hotel, ,
17,NGG Hotel,ngghotelbd@gmail,+251(0)582206363
18,Rahnile Hotel,,+251(0)582207478
19,Jacaranda Hotel,,+251(0)582209899
20,Azewa Hotel, ,+251(0)918024659
21,Asinuara Hotel,,+251(0)582207296
22,Bete Daniel Hotel, ,+251(0)918295266
23,Agar lodge, ,+251(0)918353421
24,Newaand hotel, ,+251(0)918341054
25,Grand Resort and SPA,,+251(0)582209225
26,Ben mas hotel, ,+251(0)583201010

27, Delano Hotel,, +251 (0)582200622

28, Palm Palace hotel,, +251 (0) 582201923

29, Vistana Hotel,, +251 (0) 583203400

30, Lakemark Hotel,, +251 (0) 582201211

31, Waterfront Hotel,, +251 (0) 583205056

,Guesthouses in Bahir Dar,Telephone
1,Dera Pension,+251(0)913599813
2,Palms Pension,+251(0)937356200
3,Taddese Pension,+251(0)918341166
4,Tsehaye Pension,+251(0)918763316
5,Haile Pension,+251(0)918373898
6,Kidus Yared Pension,+251(0)918764182
7,Metasebya Pension,+251(0)582201384
8,Wude Pension,+251(0)582200335
9,Bahir Dar Hostel,+251(0)582200335

Tim & Kim Village offers six small solar-powered thatched cottages and a very warm welcome. Camping is possible in the grounds. Tel. +251 (0) 920-336671,

The Gorgora Port Hotel has beautiful gardens on the shores of the lake that allow some great bird watching. Tel. +251 (0) 583-467000
Further information on places to stay:

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