Exploring the lake by boat

At Lake Tana, “there’s nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as messing about in boats!” Renting a boat is one of the best ways to explore the lake and an experience you simply cannot miss on your visit to the lake.

Boat tours
There are lots of places where boat trips to the monasteries can be arranged. Hiring a reliable and informative guide will make the history of these beautiful buildings come alive. If you’re lucky, your guide will be able to show you some of the wildlife hotspots on the lake as well.

Reliable boats and guides can be hired from most of the hotels in Bahir Dar. The Ghion Hotel (Tel. 058 220 0111) is a good operator that offers tours at reasonable prices. Other operators worth checking out are Tis Abay Tour and Travels (Tel. 058 220 8541), Lake Tana Pontoon Operations (Tel. 0911 43 14 15) and Zelalem Memory (Tel. 0913 122 671).

Papyrus boat hire
Tankwas, papyrus boats, can be hired by the more adventurous. Glide along the water’s surface at your own speed and watch the world go by. This is also the most sustainable method of transport as the raw materials, papyrus and eucalyptus, grow naturally around the lake. And of course it’s a lot of fun too!