A birdwatcher’s paradise

Uniquely varied habitats at Lake Tana make for excellent birdwatching. From majestic Black Crowned Cranes to endemic White-throated Seedeaters; a visit to the Lake Tana Biosphere Reserve will astound you with some of the world’s most amazing birds.

Photogenic Eastern White Pelicans are likely to be the first bird you see, gliding across the lake. On closer inspection of the lake shore you can spot other distinctive species like the Malachite Kingfisher and the Lesser Jacana.

Step on a boat and set off for the islands to discover their feathered treasures; African Fish Eagles perch on high branches waiting for the opportunity to strike, enigmatic Yellow-fronted Parrots hide in the tree canopy, feasting on seeds and buds.

The sheer variety of birds will captivate you as you hike to the Tis Isat Falls; White-cheeked Turacao, Abyssinian Oriole, White-headed Babbler, Yellow-crowned Bishops and the endemic White-throated Seedeaters – there are enough species here to keep you busy here for hours.

A ferry ride over to the quiet port of Gorgora gives you the opportunity to discover more exciting bird species. Wattled, Black-crowned and Eurasian Cranes are known to breed near to the birdwatching area in the Lake Tana Transport Enterprise compound. Come and see them for yourself!